Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Mark Quigley, Orewa College on EdTalks from CORE Education

Mark Quigley - Orewa College
Mark Quigley is the Deputy Principal at Orewa College. He discusses leading change in teaching and learning through a school-wide approach - Ako Orewa. Mark explains the school's learning environment created over 5 years, and based on proven pedagogy and practice.

I discovered this presentation by Mark Quigley via the totally excellent EdTalks from the Christchurch based Core Education. Ed Talks are a growing collection of videos featuring New Zealand and international educators talking about learning.

The format
The EdTalk site follows the format pioneered by TED - and offers both direct download via MP4's - iTunes integration, and as in the above, an embed feature . There are also a dozen or so share options with some of the main social networking sites. I am totally impressed by the execution.

Explore the rest of the content - here . They also have a Twitter feed, here

CORE Education
CORE Education aims to "develop innovative, empowering, creative and effective learning environments and to push the boundaries of educational possibilities."


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