Friday, 29 May 2009

Ka Mate Ka Ora, NZEPC

Ka Mate Ka Ora
Just out by New Zealand Electronic Poetry Centre (nzepc) , the seventh issue of Ka Mate Ka Ora: A New Zealand Journal of Poetry and Poetics, with a special colloquium feature:

* 1,000 Words or a Picture: Could Poetry be a Contemporary Art?
A ka mate ka ora colloquium including contributions by MartinEdmond; Paul Hartigan; David Howard; Lesley Kaiser and John Barnett; Jan Kemp; Richard Killeen; Cilla McQueen; Selina Tusitala Marsh; Ruth Watson, Albert Wendt...

* Paul Millar, Interviewing Hone Tuwhare at Kaka Point, 3 December 2007. With photographs and audio

* Ian Wedde, Mahmoud Darwish 1941-2008

Source: NZEPC
Te Mate Ka Ora is edited by Murray Edmond with assistance from Michele Leggott and Hilary Chung at the University of Auckland, and with the support of the University Library.

It publishes research essays and readings of New Zealand-related material and welcomes contributions from poets, academics, essayists, teachers and students from within New Zealand and overseas. Submission guidelines, here

Past issues:
Issue One:
Robert Sullivan on Te Rauparaha's Haka; John Newton onBaxter; Alison Hunt on Robin Hyde; Suzanne Nola on Alistair Campbell;Murray Edmond on Robert Creeley; Pam Brown on Australian Poetry.

Issue Two:
Joel Harrison on Web Poetics; Hilary Chung on Yang Lian; Jeffrey Paparoa Holman oin Elsdon Best; Laurie Duggan on himself; Martin Edmond on Ern Malley

Issue Three:
Paul Millar on Baxter and India; Baxter's Indian Poems; Heleb Sword on Alistair Campbell; Jack Ross on Ezra Pound; Anne Kennedy on poetry in Hawai'i

Issue Four:
Elizabeth Caffin on Auckland University press; Ken Bolton on wiritng; Alan Brunton's Notebooks; Michele Leggott on Alan Brunton; Martin Edmond on Red Mole; Murray Edmond on Alan Brunton and Red Mole;

Issue Five:
Peter Simpson on Kendrick Smithyman; Smithyman's War Poems; Smithyman's letters to Graham Perkins; Fredrika Van Elburg on Ron Silliman; Ian Wedde on Charles Spear; Anna Smaill on poetry in London; Murray Edmond on poetry festival in China; Niel Wright on Dennis List

Issue Six:
Hone Tuwhare celebration issue: Selwyn Muru; Hana O"Regan; Robert Sullivan; Janet Hunt; Michelle Keown; Jon Battista; Elizabeth DeLoughrey; Cassie RinglanStewart; Hinemoana Baker; Peter Marsden; David Eggleton; Barry Brickell; Tania Hinehou Butcher; Glenn Colquhoun; Murray Edmond; William Farrimond; Bernadette Hall; Jeffrey paproa Holman; Steve Lang; Michele Leggott; Jean McCormack; Cilla McQueen; Bill Manhire; Selina Tusitala Marsh; Michael O'Leary; Mark Pirie; Brian Potiki; John Pule; Gavin Reedy; Miriam Richardson; Dieter Riemenschneider; Alice Te Punga Somerville; Apirana Taylor; Albert Wendt; Reina Whaitiri; Simon Williamson; Briar Wood


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