Thursday, 7 May 2009

Beyond the search box - the long version

Paul Hagon
I heard Paul Hagon give a version of this presentation at ALIA Information Online in Sydney in January, 2009. This long version shows lots of evidence of him extending his thinking to other examples.

The Temple of Search
In it he takes us on a project by project journey to explore how the library world needs to move away from tending the temple of search, forgo the pleasant spring walks of the cloister, and move out into the hurly burly of the town square below.

The project detail can speak for itself. However, I'd be remiss if I didn't note that though he has been a fan of Digital New Zealand, from the outset, on the evidence here, he seems to have elevated its status to being a bit of front runner in the shareable API space.

There is also some welcome exploration of the project interplays currently going round between Google Maps, Flickr Commons and Street View

OCLC - Online Catalogs: what users and librarians want
I also like that he brings in recent sources including the OCLC research paper on how user behavior on the web is now radically impacting their expectations around library search tools.

Slidshows without the dialogue.
I know PowerPoint without the accompanying dialogue can be frustrating. Nevertheless, I think there is more than enough context within the slides to show where he is going, and what projects have helped him get there. So definitely worth re-sharing.


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