Friday, 1 May 2009

Angel Sought - NZ Book review site

This is from Bookman Beattie
Two old curmudgeons, Gordon McLauchlan and Hamish Keith are looking for an angel.

".. Book pages are disappearing as the recession or at least the excuse of the recession bites and book reviews are vanishing, getting tired or just being recycled from overseas sources – and this in a land that has prided itself on its literacy and on putting reading at the top of list of what it likes to do best.

Keith (above) and McLauchlan (right) plan to start a book review web page. Its a radical idea – a flat fee of $400 per review and no particular word length.

They plan to attract serious writers to review all reviewable new books as soon as they appear and each book will also have an editorial review of its format – type face, binding and so on.

They want a page that is readable and not cluttered with ads, banners, links and twittering.

The web will set out to eventually be self sustaining like the New York and London Review of books which carry publishers ads for new releases on the pages their books are reviewed. They need a start up angel – know of any?.."

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