Monday, 11 May 2009

2degrees launch in August as third NZ mobile network

NZ Communications Ltd gathered a raft of news cameras, journalists, tech correspondents, and some bloggers to Gus Fisher Gallery at the top of Shortland Street in Auckland to launch the name and the logo for their brand new mobile network, 2degrees

Outside the gallery in downtown Auckland the early winter rain poured down. Inside optimism reigned supreme, even if the new logo had to compete with Antarctica , a stunning photographic exhibition by Joyce Campbell, Anne Noble, and Connie Samaras.

In the room next door, Ann Shelton's room room explored the idea of reflection courtesay of some brilliant photographs from Salvation Army's former Rotoroa Island Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre.

2 Degrees The Third Network
Officially launched by CEO Mike Reynolds, 2 degrees is billed as the third network which will give current duopoly, Vodafone and Telecom NZ a run for their money in terms of value and competitiveness when it goes live in August, 2009

Some detail
This means they will build a 2G, 3G and HSPA+ capable network - [900MHZ, 1800MHZ and 2100MHZ] : they have already built it out to Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch - will piggyback on Vodafone until the rest is built - so yes - that means all you need is a new SIM card, and you keep your old number.

2000 retail outlets
Oh, and by the by , they will on launch, have 2000 retail outlets - again no detail on the partnerships - but they will be selling handsets and SIM's. New phones - iPhone? Maybe - ain't saying - watch this space. And yes - you can keep your old number - or use one of theirs - 022.

The USP ?
So - quite what that value proposition is, we will have to wait until August to find out, because no matter how hard the assembled 4th estate prodded and encouraged, apart from the basics above, there was no detail to be had, except for some well scripted testimony that the August launch date would deliver a triple play in terms of execution, great service and outstanding value.

Pressed for more , the only other phrase that squeaked through the firewall was "segmented offers".

Segmented offers?
Segmented offers? You could hear the frisson going round the room? Did this mean a target led demographic? A new set of services and price points aimed at different tribes ? Again, no detail
So the frission collapsed back into an even tempered hum.

The Brand Personality?
The braver in the press pack tried one last push for victory. " okay we have the brand name - and the logo. Can we flesh this out - what's the brand personality - values - propositions?'

Nope - sorry - that's getting into the detail?

Mr Wittgenstein joins the team
So even a marketing degree won't help penetrate 2degrees determination to stay stum 'till August. Until then all we can do is head over to Mr Wittgenstein , and relearn the depth and reach of his propostion 7 - "What we cannot speak about we must pass over in silence"

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