Monday, 6 April 2009

Web Trend Map 4 - Final Beta

Web Trend Map 4
This is a thumbnail of the latest version of the Web Trend Map 4, from Information Architects, JP.

The image, is one of the seminal web mapping tools, which looks to track both sites, influencers, and tools that define the emerging web ecology of participation - one upon a time known as web 2.0.

Social Semantic web
These days - I for one prefer the social-semantic web - and the idea of web presence - i.e. a myriad of participation points where content - tools and people interact within a community of shared social or professional practice.

How this will morph and change over the next few years is, of course, open to lots of debate. However, if the last couple of years is anything to go by, many of the tools and frameworks which will drive this change of focus won't come from inside the big closed institutions, whether commercial or cultural.

Rather, much of it will emerge as a result of ideas being given the space to breath and develop inside new tools and collaboration frameworks.

This image helps illustrate this trend - not because the people on the map are in charge - or more important than others - but because the best part of each of them including the big guys - recognise that their own sources are increasingly dependent on how the others on the grid develop and prosper.

The image is clickable to a huge image on Flickr - you might also like to go to the blog post to add any suggestions you might have. Or you can go direct, here

Read Write Web
The writers to the map are looking for other names to include on the map. You might have your own ideas. I think Read Write Web should be on there. I have told them this - suggest you might want to agree?


Jonathan said...

I agree RWW should be there. But the link you want is

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