Monday, 20 April 2009

Robin Morrison - photographer

From the Road - Robin Morrison
Just caught up with the latest on NZ OnScreen, which, by the by, is turning into one of my 'must check whats going on' places.

From the Road, Robin Morrison,
This time my joy meter jumped courtesy of this documentary on the work of the late Robin Morrison, photographer, and general totally nice guy, who tragically died of cancer in 1993 .

The documentary was directed and produced by Tony Hiles. NZ Screen, has this to say on the site:

Robin Morrison's photographic work was popular and accessible - he affectionately presented New Zealanders to themselves.

The 1981 publication of The South Island of New Zealand from the Road cemented his reputation for this kind of work, when it featured ordinary New Zealanders in the environments they'd created.

This documentary, however, explores Morrison's earlier work - the gritty Bastion Point and Springbok tour series, and the projects that documented communities on the brink of change.

Other online sources?
NZ OnScreen are starting to make some major contributions to the NZ online cultural space. As part of this, I'd love to see them have the budget to resource a set of parallel links to the local web sphere [and beyond] which extends and enhances either the subject of the piece they are showcasing, or the people who made it.

In this case, I'd love to see more links and resources on Robin Morrison and his wonderful photography. In the absence of this extra dimension, I'm offering my own small contribution - again, it would be good to have other people's pick, especially from the collection sector in the likes of libraries , museums, galleries etc.

Robin Morrison site
This is a personal site which showcases RM's work plus links for use etc. Has some lovely examples of his work, an an extract from the documentary, Sense of Place

Auckland Museum - Robing Morrison Archive
The entire collection of Robin Morrison's collection was bequeathed to the Auckland Museum. Many of these works have been digitised. You can see this digital collection in- house, but I'm not sure how much is available online. However, try here, for a canned search from the catalogue

Auckland Museum have also contributed 500 Robin Morrison images to Mataphi.

I am hoping others will drop me a line offering links to fill this up? And if there isn't that much of his work online - both in terms of image and commentary, then it feels time to change that?


Unknown said...

Thanks Paul, for the lovely words about NZ On Screen.

Please note that we are more than happy to add extra contextual links to any of the listings on the site - our resources are limited, so if there's anything we've missed, please send it in!

Thanks, Brenda

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