Monday, 27 April 2009

New Zealand politicians on Twitter - can we have some real ones!

David Farrar - Kiwi Blog
David Farrar from the excellent, Kiwi blog, has posted a list of MP's he believes are twittering. He acknowledges that some of them are parodies.

Parody - Politics and Twitter
Actually, I think a whole bunch of them are: see for example the supposed Twitter line for Labour David Cunliffe. It's a spoof for sure - and in some places an offensive one - but hey, that's for him to sort.

Although it does raise an interesting question as to the IP rules around impersonating a politician on Twitter, even though there might be a defense of parody.

The real deal
It would be totally twitterific if the political parties in NZ actually woke up to the real world and figured out how to make up a real and sensible list. This if course presupposes that our MP's have started to understand that there might be some votes in a decent and imaginative Twitter profile.

Tweet Minister
It would be even better if both MP's, their parties, and even NZ Parliamentary Services , in conjunction with some politically neutral group like Internet NZ could put together a NZ version of the excellent Tweet Minister., who in turn acknowledge the inspiration of Tweet Congress.

I've blogged about Tweetminster before - but here's the embed of their widget again just to remind people.

A New Zealand version?
So three questions. Can NZ political parties start taking their Twittering MP's seriously. Can we have a version of Tweet Minster - and is Internet NZ up for this?


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