Wednesday, 15 April 2009

National Digital Forum - 2009- call for papers

I have been asked to pass on the details around the call for papers for the NDF, NZ National Digital Forum in November, 2009. It feels a long time away - but in terms of planning, its time to get the ideas rolling in.

I think the NDF is one of New Zealands leading cultural/heritage events - past conferences have had a wealth of great speakers and have provoked a lot of dialogue between the sectors. Many of the keynote presentations are available on the site, here.

Matapihi/ DNZ
Also, it shouldn't be forgotten that Matapihi was born inside the NDF - and DNZ has many friends and supporters within its ranks.

For the record, be advised I am an elected member of the NDF Board - so of course, I cheerfully admit to a bias. That said , please find below the detail, and then go to your keyboards.

NDF 2009 - Call for papers
Call for Papers The 8th annual National Digital Forum conference will be held in Wellington on Monday 23 – Tuesday 24 November 2009 at the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa.

The National Digital Forum (NDF) is a coalition of museums, archives, art galleries, libraries and government departments with more than 120 member organisations committed to collectively building New Zealand’s culture and heritage online.

Being online now: culture, creativity and community
This year’s conference theme is Being online now: culture, creativity and community. We will be exploring opportunities for the creative and cultural sectors to cross traditional boundaries and collaborate on solutions to address issues and opportunities facing communities being online now. This will be managed through a stimulating mix of international keynote speakers, forum discussions, demonstration sessions and workshops.

Presentation Formats
We are looking for speakers to give brief, thought-provoking presentations that will set the scene for discussion with the audience. Sessions will run for approximately 90 minutes
There will be up to four concurrent sessions each day. You can combine with others and submit a proposal for a fully formed forum session, or suggest an individual presentation and work with the conference committee to create the full session.
Topics likely to be of interest at this year’s conference include:
  • Where do we stand now on issues of intellectual property, Creative Commons and copyright? How does licensing impact on commercial imperatives?
  • How do we preserve and encourage the appropriate sharing of indigenous knowledge and Matauranga Maori in digitisation and online activities?
  • What are the issues and opportunities surrounding digital repatriation?
  • What do branding, reputation management and the institutional voice mean in today’s online world?
  • Should we prioritise access or preservation when planning digitisation projects?
  • Where are our collaborative efforts heading? Could we be joining more dots?
  • What does the education sector want from us, and how can we get it to them?
  • What does the creative sector want from us, and how can we get it to them?
  • How can we balance privacy and access in the online world?
  • What do we need to be doing to face the geo-future (geo-tagging, geo-caching, geo-data)?
A facilitator will lead each forum discussion. We are seeking expressions of interest from skilled facilitators available to lead discussions in their areas of interest/expertise.
You may like to work with potential presenters to propose a fully formed forum session, or offer your services to the conference committee. The conference committee also welcomes nominations of potential facilitators, so let us know if you have someone in mind.

This is an opportunity for you to share stories of your project, product, website or application with other attendees, describe what you have been up to, what you have achieved, and share the lessons you have learned.

Up to 4 sessions will be run concurrently, and each will last for approximately 30 minutes.

Submitting your proposal
Proposals must be submitted by completing the Presentation Submission Form.
Email your completed Presentation Submission Form to:
You will receive confirmation following receipt of your proposal.

Submission Deadline Date
The deadline to submit your proposal is Monday 11 May 2009.


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