Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Hone Tuwhare - 1996 Gaylene Preston documentary on NZ Screen

Hone Tuwhare - Legend
Hone Tuwhare is one of New Zealand's best loved poets. His seminal work combined a nature which was both gentle and acerbic, often in the same sentence.

I met him once. It was early in my time here in New Zealand. I didn't know many people, and had dropped into a new friend's house in Grey Lyn, Auckland.

I remember how his head tilted as he put me through my paces as to why I was here. As I talked, the big quissical head seemed to straighten up, until, when back on vertical again, I realised that I had passed some kind of trial. He then turned away and I was allowed to fade out of his range.

Hone Tuwhare - Gaylene Preston documentary
NZ Screen have just put up the 1996 documentary "Hone Tuwhare". It's described as:

"... A documentary glimpse into the life, art, and inimitable cheeky-as-a-kaka style of late Kiwi poet, Hone Tuwhare. In this Gaylene Preston-directed film, the man with "the big rubber face" (cheers Glenn Colquhoun) is observed at home, and travelling the country reading his work; polishing a new love poem; visiting old drinking haunts; reading to a hall full of entranced students; and expounding his distinctive views on everything from The Bible to Karl Marx's love life. He reads some of his best-known poems, including Rain and No Ordinary Sun. >.."
Go here. Do it now.

More sources
See also, NZTE, + Auckland University Library Literature file + Hone Tuwhare web site, + Digital NZ search, here + YouTube spot talking to Otago Girls College + Frontseat vid of Charlotte Yates, Don McGlashen, Don Brazier and Mahinarangi Tocker talking about performing his works + buy album, here

Note: DNZ search results include links to drawing from a set of 12 for Hone Tuwhare's book: Mihi; collected poems. (Penguin, 1987)) Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa


I posted to NZ libs on this - and got some lovely sources back almost immediatly:

1. Brian Flaherty, Auckland University Library
"Last September The New Zealand Electronic Poetry Centre published a special issue of Ka Mate Ka Ora: A New Zealand Journal of Poetry and Poetics on the work and influence of Hone Tuwhare, guest-edited by Robert Sullivan. Includes tributes, essays and photo gallery.
2.Fran McGowan NZ MCH
The Ministry's NZLive.com site features some additional links to Hone
Tuwhare , here

There are a number of other references to Hone scattered throughout Te
Ara including



Fran also says, "I remember Hone coming to our school and reciting some of his poems.
Things got a bit noisy and a teacher leapt up to tell us students off. Hone then told the teacher off stating that it was the teacher creating the noise and not the students. It was a magical memory!"


Virginia said...

Issue 6 of Ka mate ka ora - September 2008, up on the New Zealand Electronic Poetry Centre website.



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