Thursday, 30 April 2009

CILIP 2.0 - starting the conversation

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[Cory Doctorow]
It's late evening here in Auckland NZ. Up in London, members of the UK library/librarian professional association CILIP, and their Trustees, will be sitting down to begin their open discussion session on how CILIP can leverage the potential of web 2.0 tools and frameworks. It starts at 2:30pm London time.

The CILIP offices are in central London, just around the corner from the British Library Not far away are the wonderful evocative streets of Bloomsbury. They are even on Google Street view, here. A point that might surprise some of their more traditional members.

The CILIP web 2.0 tools and framework session
'It's to be hoped the room is packed as CILIP pick up the challenge of using web 2.0 tools and services.

Phil Bradley
Regular readers of this blog will remember this challenge was thrown down by Phil Bradley who in response to CEO Bob'McKee's , All of a Twitter post, left CILIP in no doubt that it was high time they did some thinking around web 2,0 as well as offering some professional leadership to their members on the challenges and opportunities it presents to the library world.

This session marks the beginning of this public thinking. To CILIP's credit not only is it open to all - they have also asked Phil and his virtual colleague, Brain Kelly, to lead the session.

Brian Kelly - UKOLN
Phil is sharing the opening session with the equally well qualified Brian Kelly from UKOLN. Brian has been running session on web 2.0 for the UK, JISC.

We need more critical friends
He has also written a blog post on We Need More Critical Friends! , has expanded on this point in several of his recent talks: A Risks and Opportunities Framework For Archives 2.0 and Time To Stop Doing and Start Thinking: A Framework For Exploiting Web 2.0 Services , and in a workshop he facilitated at the Museums and the Web 2009 conference on Openness in the Cloud.

Brian Kelly rehearsal for CILIP 2.0
In an interesting move, has put a rehearsal of his CILIP presentation online. I think this is a lovely gesture So as I await the outcome of the real thing, I offer the embed to the same.

Ther is a Twitter tag for the session #CILIP2.0

1. Transcript of Twitter tag, here


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