Monday, 20 April 2009

The Brooklyn Museum
This week had me popping back to the Brooklyn Museum online to catch up on their latest ideas for the museum as a social network.

trouble at mill
Originally I was drawn back by this rather draconian story out of the New York Times, saying it is planning to " implement a one-week unpaid furlough this summer for its entire staff and to reduce the pay of employees who earn more than $60,000 a year. The museum is also offering voluntary buyout packages — a week’s salary for every year worked, up to 26 years — to each of its 281 full-time staff members"

One of the problems they face, as do others in the USA, comes from a sharp fall in their endowment from US$65 million, down from US $93.1 million a year ago. The NYT Times also reports it has been struggling with a 32 percent reduction in operating support from the city last year, with additional trims expected.

1stfans - socially networked museum membership
One of their income/innovation points might also interest others. It costs US$20. It's billed, as an interactive socially networked relationship with the Museum both inside the building and online, via face time with museum staff and other museum members, as well as strong, exclusive online relationship through social networking sites , e.g. Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter.

The Twitter Art Feed
Although I totally get the face to face thing, as well as the additional benefits around exhibitions etc, I'm also intrigued by their idea for The Twitter Art feed - i.e. the notion of an exclusive Twitter channel, [and/or parallel Facebook group], where you get to see and interact with artists who are playing with the medium and looking for a conversation with like minds.

I'm still sketchy on the detail - as I think are the people at Brooklyn - and indeed some of the artists - but it looks like a brilliant play space. This video might engage, and extend your understanding, as well as provoke some questions as to what might happen eventually.

Pony up
And then I guess its up to us to sign up and see what happens?


An Xiao


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