Monday, 6 April 2009

Auckland Writers Festival Twitter tag - awf09

Twitter Tag for Auckland Writers Festival?
As is known, especially as I am known to skite about it here, McGovern sponsors the web site for The Auckland Writers Festival.

This morning, here at Mcgovern, we were talking about Twitter - the Festival, and whether the Festival organizers should "go on Twitter" Naturally I think they should. But that's up to them

The Twitter Hash Tag
What they don't have to worry about though - because anyone can do it - is start a Twitter hash tag.

I know - more stuff - but actually. it's a real easy one to grasp - that when anyone makes a twitter post, or tweet, they also add in the tweet, a code, or hash tag which identifies this as a common conversation, in this instance - #awf09 - about the Auckland Writers Festival.

It's a very web.2/0 thing, because All that needs to happen is that people agree on the tag, and then they start using it - you don't have to register - or have a meeting - or anything - its totally an example of a crowd sourcing tool.

Multiple tags for the same event?
And, yes, you can have different tags, or multiple tags? So my making one for Auckland Writers doesn't mean that the organisers can't start one of their own. Or if it was a big massive conference, a special interest group might want one of their own.

Why ?
Naturally it only makes sense if you can go somewhere and see all the tweets that have used the same hash tag. There are a bunch of ways of doing this:

1. Click on the tag on your twitter reader
This will take you to a list of tweets which have this tag - so in theory you should see all the tweets that people just put up on one of your favourite author sessions - or , if it starts to work now, people talking about the Festival on Twitter in advance of the Festival.

2. Go to the site:
Twitter tags are also called Twemes. You go to the site, Twemes, and type in the tag in the search box - without the hash - i.e. awf09
Or you can go to the direct web address , here.

3. RSS Feed
Twemes also gives you an RSS feed - so you can put it in your RSS reader or iGoogle, or whatever you might use.

4. Widget
As well as the RSS feed, Twemes also offers a widget - 0ther sites, or blogs, including, the Festival site, can also embed the feed on their site. I will do this this afternoon, It will be on the right. I am going to ask Mr Beattie sir to do the same, and also might ask some of the blogging libraries to do the same, ACL, CCL et al

I am sure there are other methods - which I am more than happy to learn and pass on.

The Auckland Writers Festival tag is awf09
Hope this helps - and I hope people start using it.


mcginniwa said...

Thanks for pointing this out Paul. I've mentioned it as a tool on If you use #kete in your tweets, you will now have your tweets picked up by the side bar on

Interestingly I found to be quite slow. You can achieve the same effect, but with faster response if you use and enter in your hash tag. You can then subscribe to the corresponding feed for the results. For example:

The %23 is of course the HTTP escaped version of #.

paul said...

The Festival people have promoted the tag AWRF

For future proofing I think it should have a date so AWRF09 would make sense

We will probably use the AWF09 tag

Be interesting to see which may get the most use - tag showdown

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