Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Art Babble - totally inspirational

A few months ago, and I must get people to write an affidavit to confirm this, I babbled away to a some colleagues/partners/clients in the local arts, gallery and library world about developing what I called - GLAM TV - i.e. an online video/audio station/tool which would be a place where we could see and hear what was happening inside the Australasian world of galleries libraries, and museums.

In addition to giving local institutions a common living room to share and showcase performance/workshop/installation/seminars, a core part of the thinking was the notion that the video, or the audio record would be starting points to an online matrix of parallel or contextual sources.

Art Babble
Art Babble have cracked the code. Developed by the Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA), it has a growing set of blue chip partners in the likes of LACMA, MOMA, SFMOMA, and also cites the New York Public Library as a foundation partner.

Extending the mix?
Launched a couple of weeks ago, I have no idea, yet, whether the plan is to extend the partner mix to include other institutions world wide, or stay relatively exclusive.

But that's okay - not only can I wait for that answer, maybe it's enough that they have provided the conceptual leadership to a regional set of parallel voices. Who knows - this is after all the age of the collaboration and code share?

In the meantime, I just want to say I love this site - I especially love the way they have provided a shareable platform - have totally embraced the notion of contextual sources, and also seem to have in mind developing a real community of practice which embraces the institution, the artist and the audience.

Thanks Art Babble - you are a total inspiration. People reading this need to go there now - it is beautiful.


Bindy said...

Thank you for 'conduiting' this site. "Design by the book" is a must view for GLAM's. Makes the heart and mind soar!

Daniel said...

Thanks for the really nice and thoughtful post on ArtBabble. We're working very hard behind the scenes to add more quality video content and adding new partners. Stay tuned.

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