Thursday, 9 April 2009

AP issues takedown notice to an affiliate who embedded AP content from You Tube

You can't make it up

As others have said, you couldn't make this up. An Associated Press representative instructs one of their own affiliates , WTNQ Radio, to remove YouTube video's from the affiliate web site which they obtained from the AP YouTube channel.

There is no skulduggery here - the AP YouTube channel has the embed options turned on. However, according to the AP guy the radio station was in breech of their contract and was infringing the AP copyright.

The video here is an interview with the Frank Stoval, the affiliate, WTNQ Operatins Manager on a local US media spot, with Chrisitian Grantham

Frank Strovel, also writes about the incident on his blog

The story is running on Techcrunch, here. I got it from Hamish MacEwan on Twitter


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