Friday, 24 April 2009

ANZAC Day 2009 - some New Zealand web sources

I promised to find and rebroadcast some web sources for ANZAC day here in New Zealand. To date, I have three web sources plus an update to the Auckland Museum.

NZ On Screen
NZ On Screen have excelled themselves by offering not one, but 18 different sources for us to dwell on . Or as the site has it:

"This collection brings together 18 titles covering Kiwis at war. Iconic documentaries and films tell stories of terrible cost, heroism and brotherhood. Each title raises fundamental questions about our identity. Dr Chris Pugsley muses, “It is sobering to think that in the first half of the 20th Century the big OE for most New Zealanders was going to war.”.."
NZ History
Also of note is this collection of sources from NZ History. Again, there is ample evidence of an outstanding effort in bringing to the online screen new sources and insights into the ANZAC story. The front page has a number of starting points - with the tighter focus on the ANZAC story, here.

NZ Live
NZ Live have put together a very timely list of local and regional events for the ANZAC ceremonious etc. See, here

Auckland Museum
I'm told that Auckland Museum will once again be using the whole of the front of the Museum building as a cinematic montage of the names of the 30,000 fallen plays tonight, and tomorrow night.

I am sure there are other sources which I have missed - feel free to add them as a comment. In the meantime I would like to thank these sites for the work they have put in to extend the online commemoration of the ANZAC.


Jim Mora - National Radio
Just caught up with the link to Jim Mora on his Radio NZ Afternoons Show who kindly helped broadcast the above stories as well as added a couple of his own.
MP3, here

Has a poppy map of all locations of ANZAC commemoration ceremonies. Lovely piece of work, here

New Zealand National Library and others.
Also just to hand - news of a lovely piece of collaboration between State Library of Queensland, State Library of New South Wales, Australian War Memorial and National Library of New Zealand)

Using the Flickr Commons, they have have collaborated on a joint upload of photos taken in Gallipoli in 1915, and photos of Anzac Day ceremonies.

See also Courtney Johnstone from NLNZ on
Indicommons blog post about the upload.
See also National Library blog post

Or, go direct to project on Flickr Commons

Just In courtesy of a request to NZ-Libs
1.. Hastings Library - ANZAC page - Hastings Library was built as a War Memorial Library
arkworth War Memorial Library re-dedication for
photos of their ceremony at Warkworth on 21/4.
3. - comment from Pete " has a number of resources too"
4. Palmerston North Library


Pete said... has a number of resources too.

Courtney Johnston said...

Hi Paul

Some New Zealand and Australian members of The Commons on Flickr (State Library of Queensland, State Library of New South Wales, Australian War Memorial and National Library of New Zealand) have collaborated on a joint upload of photos taken in Gallipoli in 1915, and photos of Anzac Day ceremonies.

Check out the Indicommons blog post about the upload.

Victoria Leachman said...

And don't forget Digital NZ -

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