Tuesday, 3 March 2009

WOMAD 13th to 15th March, 2009

Womad, a signature event from the Taranaki Arts Festival Trust, is almost upon us. It runs over the weekend of the 13th, 15th March, 2009, and takes place in the beautiful New Plymouth Pukekura Park.

I've been a big fan of New Plymouth for a couple of years now, and have the real pleasure to be working with both Puke Ariki, the combined library/museum and visitor centre, and Govett Brewster, the art gallery. Both these places would be enough in themsleves for a visit.

Womad has its own legion of fans who need nothing from me. For those of us looking for a glimpse of where all the loyalty comes from - here's a welcome video. Just great to see local and well established events finding and using the YouTube thing so well.

WOMAD 2009 ARTIST LINE-UP Andrew White Anika Moa Arte KanelaBedouin Jerry Can BandBrendan PowerDengue FeverDona Rosa & EnsembleFat Freddy’s Drop GurrumulGyuto MonksHinemoana BakerJustin Adams & Juldeh CamaraLittle Bushman Lo Cor de la PlanaMihirangiMikidacheMoana & the TribeMobile Sewing CompanyPeople In Your NeighbourhoodNatacha AtlasRachel Unthank & the WintersetRokia TraoreRuss JonesSa DingdingSeckou Keita QuintetSeun KeutiShona LaingSka CubanoSpeed CaravanThe Sami Sisters U Shrinivas


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