Thursday, 26 March 2009

Talking on the wireless with Jim Mora at National Radio

The Jim Mora Show
I had an unexpected call yesterday from the producer of the Jim Mora, Afternoons, show on National Radio. Could I fill in for an indisposed colleague? Sure, said I. What shall we talk about? You choose , said, he. So I did.

Jim Mora
I talked about a bunch of things that regular visitors to this blog will be familiar with. However, it was still fun to be able to have a real analogue conversation about some of them.

Jim Mora is one of National Radio's best assets. He prepares [believe me some of them don't] is interested in digital [believe me some of them aren't], and better still, has read widely and so can join in a lot of the cultural references that I like to play around in.

For example, I don't think I have discussed Foucault on National Radio before . There again, I probably did with Kim Hill in the old days - but that, as the saying go, feels like another country, so who knows.

The Usual suspects
The MP3 audio link is here. but for the record I discuss, inter alia:
1. Fair Use
The next step in the Sec 92a project - create a space for a discussion on Fair Use. I also get to mention the Sita Sings the Blues post, here.

2. Streetview UK
We also had a chat about the UK Streetview. I don't think Jim is much of a fan but is was too much of a gentleman to let on too much. He and others might be interested in this great comment I got from someone who listened to the sopt.

She said she was using Streetview with her 82 year old mother who has some computer savvy. She introduced her to Streetview. Her Mum has never been to the UK and may never go, but has, apparently, just taken a walk around Hyde Park. Having suffered a couple of small strokes, my correspondent is forever looking for ways to ensure she keeps her diminishing memory as sharp as possible. Sending her off around the virtual world is a great way to do this. ... "

Ain't that a brilliant piece of feedback.

3. The Twitter Thing
Gave this another twirl as well. Got a couple of new twists to it, including the rather bizarre news that TVNZ has a Twitter correspondent, but they are still downsizing the newsroom as part of their economy drive. Feels like an unfortunate combination of events? Maybe they need to watch some more TV - see the next story.

The Thick of It
We also discussed Nat Torkington's recent tweet on two BBC fictional characters, Malcolm Tucker and Jamie MacDonald from the hit comedy The Thick Of It who are now on Twitter.

The Thick of It is a fantastic show - great satire on Westminster politics and the management of the news agenda etc. Having two of the more excitable characters twittering away is a brilliant way of both keeping the dna of the show alert to current politics, as well as keeping the show alive in peoples heads.

All of which only works if it continues to be funny on Twitter - which it is. Check them both - Malcolm, here, Jamie, here The Wikipedia article on the show is here.
I also reported I was now using the desktop software Tweetdeck to manage my Twitter life. I really like it. I still use the Blackberry to tweet outside but this is a great tool to stay abreast from the desktop whether at work or home.

It also also some handy tools - e.g. making tiny URL's - shrinking too long tweets - showing direct messages in their own column etc. Both PC and Mac versions are available, here.

By the by - I twitter at ,

The Radio links - again
And just for the record - there is a full running order of the show, and a link to the interview, here, MP3 stream, here


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