Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Pooling Ideas - Creative Commons Australia

Pooling Ideas Project
Jessica Coates, Project Manager Creative Commons Clinic, QUT, reports on a lovely looking remix project, Pooling Ideas.

Pooling Ideas
Calling anybody who's ever used a computer: set your creativity loose on the world of music, literature, art and video that is free to play with, remix and manipulate.

"Pooling Ideas" is an exciting competition being run by Creative Commons Australia , ABC Pool and the ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation () as part of the Ideas Festival (a major initiative of the Queensland Government.
It aims to get the digital artist in all of us up and running by inviting people to create their own remix works based around the theme "we are what we share".
From 2-23 March, mash up a film, tweak an artwork, remix a poem - whatever takes your fancy - then upload it to Pool

The winner gets an internship with ABC Radio National to co-produce an episode of The Night Air while runners up get Creative Commons packs including USBs chock full of remixable material.

Select works will be showcased at the Ideas Festival and pulled apart by our panel of experts at the 'We Are what We Share' seminar (Saturday 28th, 5-6:30pm, State Library of Queensland.

Find out more at www.pool.org.au/poolingideas.

TechRadar - CC Use - arguments for and against
She also posted a link and a note to a good article on Techradar on CC by
Marco Fiorett, here

Jessica notes, "not only does it include some very cool examples of CC use, it also has a good rundown of some of the pros and cons of CC in different markets.

There is also " an excellent discussion of the problems/dilemmas of implementing CC in areas without a strong copyright tradition (Asia, South America etc) - complete with
commentary by some of the more prominent faces in the OA international community "


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