Monday, 2 March 2009

Many Answers - more widgets available

 Many Answers is a co-production between the public libraries of New Zealand and the NZ Ministry of Education. It is the the sister site to Any Questions - the real time reference service for NZ school students manned by a possie of public librarians here in New Zealand. There is also a Te Reo service.

The original vision
Many Answers was built as a tool to redistribute and extend the most popular, and curriculum useful sessions between the students and the librarians. It also made the results of the sessions available to Google, while also offering both students - teachers -parents, and of course, other librarians - the chance to extend and enhance the answers. There is also a tagging feature.

New Widgets
From the outset the project has a number of embedded widgets which can be put on any school - or personal site. These widgets have been tweaked for more efficient delivery - plus we took the opportunity to combine some of the separate views of the queries.

McGovern Online
I say we, because McGovern Online was the development partner - and we are proud of the association. Below is a version of one of the new widgets - you can see the others here.


CHB District Libraries said...

Keep those embed tools coming. Very useful. Thanks

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