Monday, 30 March 2009

Church bells on Sunday in Rarotonga, Cook Islands

Sunday afternoon in Titikaveka, Rarotonga. It is pouring of rain. This is an Oscar performance. Everything stops to admire it, including the chooks, goats, and tourists. Naturally the former take cover. The latter, like me, seem to think swimming in the rain is some kind of totally novel idea.

Woke this morning, at 5am to the sound of the church bells from across the road. The Lord's Day. They had a bit of a performance, then quietened, to begin again at 10am. Ten minutes later the singing from the congregation started. It was wonderful.

Normal transmission may resume before Friday, when myself and McGovern's roving correspondent get back to Auckland. I might even manage something erudite, and wise as I contemplate an island where tourism sits beside a breathing living community which thinks Sunday is a time for family, community, and, of course, very handsome hats.

Ot there again, I might just take my cue from everything around me - be still - thankful and connected.

p.s the image isn't mine - it is from, Flickr from here.


styler said...

i think you are using one of my images.

you are more than welcome to do that as long as you attribute it.

the easiest thing in future is to use the blog this button on flickr or using a linkback.

Paul Reynolds said...

sorry - i thought i had done this ... doesn't seem to hsve worked.
my apologies its a great image, and I wanted to have a link back to your Flickr page.
Hope it works now.

styler said...

thanks heaps paul.
I hope you had a grand time in rarotonga, it one of my favourite places in the world

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