Friday, 6 March 2009

BLERTA - the doco - thanks NZ OnScreen

What a lovely Friday afternoon moment! Thanks to Russell Brown of Hard News, Public Address for the welcome news that NZ OnScreen has put up the whole of the 2001 documentary of BLERTA, an analysis and tribute to the bus, Bruno Lawrence and gang, and the 1970's seminal moment in New Zealand pup culture. Or as NZ OnScreen has it :

" If a single word could sum up the free-wheeling flavour of alternative music and comedy in Aotearoa during the 1970s, that word would surely be ... Blerta. The ‘Bruno Lawrence Electric Revelation and Travelling Apparition' encompassed foundation members of the NZ film and TV industry (Lawrence, Geoff Murphy, Alun Bollinger, Martyn Sanderson, John Clarke) and many other merry pranksters and hippy freaks. Blerta Revisited is an anarchic collection of comedic skits, short films, and musical interludes culled from the Blerta archives. "

There is no embed - but the whole thing is available in six episodes - click the image above and go direct to the site - or just click here


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