Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Auckland Fesitval starts tomorrow

Auckland Festival starts tomorrow!
I nearly forgot that the Festival is upon us. Is there a Twitter Feed - should be! If so, can someone tell me what it is?

I am looking forward to all the Red Square acts. Off late Aotea Square has been so quiet over the weekends. The market stalls got their marching orders in advance of the car park renovations and so I lost touch with the best Indian food stall in Auckland.

I have some Scottish in-laws [or whatever you call the parents of your grown-up daughter's husband] coming to Auckland on Saturday on a cruise ship. They are only in town for the day - definitely a Red Square moment.

So culture here we come - move over Wellington. Auckland might just surprise you yet!
Details, here


rodneylibraries said...

hhm. #aucklandfestival is too long and uses up too many letter. #auckfest ?

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