Thursday, 19 February 2009

Twitter in Plain English

Twitter as campaign tool
One of the surprises of the NZ Copyright Amendment Act Sec 92a campaign has been the effectiveness of simple tools and ideas around the growing social networking ecology. and inside that, the big learning is how Twitter can be leveraged as a campaign collaboration tool.

Go Black - Section 92a
For example the Section 92a campaign Go Black - i.e. black out your Twitter or Face Book profile picture not only proved a brilliant viral message, the idea, and so the message, got picked up by mainstream media in the likes of the UK Guardian , and of course, the endorsement of Stephen Fry just gave it the twist it needed to get it onto mainstream television. See here for this and also latest updates on campaign.

The Twitter thing.
So what is the Twitter thing? If you want a brief introduction, then say thanks to Lynda Kelly of the excellent Ning network, Museum30, for this link to a YouTube video from Common Craft.

The video is relentlessly US accented, but it covers the basics beautifully.

Institutions on Twitter
If you are looking for some institutional peers to follow from the GLAM sector, then you might like to look at these who I follow.

NZ National Library -
Auckland Museum -
NZ Live -
Getty Museum -
Brooklyn Museum-
Smithsonian -
Tate -
Met -

Creative Commons -
Demos -

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