Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Twitter - Creative Commons and the UNU

I am totally enjoying the way that Twitter is rapidly becoming a really useful professional networking tool. For example, this morning, I clicked the link on a tweet from the Creative Commons International people, who have a Twitter profile, here.

If you check what they are up to you'll see that, like a bunch of other organisations, Twitter is really starting to work for them as a news broadcast - re-broadcast platform.

Take the tweet this morning - an alert to a project which launched a few months ago. Nothing wrong with the legacy factor - in fact a first class example of how to re-leverage content through Twitter, and while you are at it hope that some of your ideas go viral back onto the blog sphere, or elsewhere. I also liked the topic of the tweet.

UNN [United National University]

The story concerns the UNU project United Nations University (UNU) Media Studio’s who last June decided to license their Media Studio and Online Learning sites under CC BY-NC-SA.

A month later [July 2008] they launched “Our World 2.0“, a web zine exploring environmental issues around the “complex, inter-connected and pressing problems of, for example, climate change, oil depletion and food security" The idea being to bring people, design and technology together as a creative- collaboration space.

The Our World 2.0’s - Video - The Electric Sunflower
Now they have video in the mix, courtesy of a new web based documentary series, in hi-def, which examines issues around climate change, energy, and food security.

The first video is “The Electric Sunflower” which focuses on electric vehicles—their current use and future. The video, along with the rest of the content on their website, is open for use via CC BY-NC-SA. and , yes , there is an embed - so here it is:

The electric sunflower from UNUChannel on Vimeo.


Unknown said...

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the article. I don't know who tweeted (is that right) about Our World 2.0, but I am glad they did. We have also just started to use Twitter for both the webzine and UNU Media Studio.

On the video side, we post everything to Vimeo and Youtube, so that bloggers can pick them up and embed them in their posts, as you have done. It is the first time that the UNU has done this kind of thing, so we are curious about how it will work out.

Here are our channels.



But thanks so much for sharing your views.

Brendan Barrett
UNU Media Studio

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