Thursday, 5 February 2009

Some Waitangi Day web sources

I just had coffee in Sheinkin this morning, met one of the guys from Idealog in passing, who said, " see you after the break" - what break, thought I, and then I remembered - it's Waitangi Day tomorrow.

Waitangi Day - 6th February 1840

This is the day New Zealanders acknowledge, mark, and in lots and lots of way, celebrate the signing of their partnership document the Treaty of Waitangi on the 6th February 1840.

There are multiple references to this on the web . See Te Ara - or NZ Archives [where the document lives]. NZ History also puts on a good show at this time of year, here. See especially, their timeline to major treaty related events from the signing all the way to the present, here

Waitangi Day is personal
I can remember my first Waitangi Day almost 20 years ago. It was about 8 weeks after I arrived, and there it was for the first time - a day put aside to remember one of the biggest days in how things happened here.

This history can be contentious, and it is not something that New Zealanders are always comfortable with, especially when it re- surfaces some of the issues and incidents from the early days of New Zealand pakeha settlement.

Again, NZ History and Te Ara offer good context around this, although, especially in Te Ara's case, I would like to see a whole lot more outside web references to the other primary and secondary materiel that is available.

Waitangi Tribunal
One of the best of these is the Waitangi Tribunal site itself. Established in 1975 by the Treaty of Waitangi Act 1975. The Tribunal is a permanent commission of inquiry charged with making recommendations on claims brought by Maori relating to actions or omissions of the Crown that breach the promises made in the Treaty of Waitangi.

The site has a full archive of the Tribunal Reports - both as web pages [html] and PDF's. See here for the detail.

If this is the first time you have looked at them , just pick one - either read on screen, or print it - and then give it enough time to let the voices captured by the researchers and the claimants speak to you. When I did it for the first time, it was quite a personal experience. Might be for you too.

Waitangi Day on YouTube

You can also find a whole bunch of Waitangi Day material on YouTube. Some of this is political - a lot of it is personal - and more still showcases how New Zealanders celebrate the day in different parts of the world. See here for some of them

The Santa Monica Fern
And of course one of the best pieces of web video still around is the film of the fern building on Santa Monica Beach organised by Made In New Zealand. As they would once have said in Scotland, " we're awe Jock Tamson's bairns"

Made From New Zealand from Made From New Zealand on Vimeo.

Would be great to hear of other peoples favourite Waitangi Day related sources?


Fiona said...

And there is a DigitalNZ Waitangi Search here:

Virginia said...

I'm fond of this little showcase put together by the Matapihi team awhile back:

Treaty history showcase - Matapihi

Hopefully someone has also told you about this, which some crafty person has made using the DigitalNZ 'make your own search tool' gizmo:

Treaty of Waitangi search - powered by DigitalNZ

Conflict of interest disclaimer: I've worked on both projects, so I'm completely biased.

Unknown said...

Ka pai koe, Paul. I think you've about covered my favourites, too. Your readers might be interested to know a group from University of Otago libraru are travelling to Bluff for the Ngāi Tahu commemorations. This is a "tradition" which started with us going out to Otākou last year.

S. Toogod Tobetrue said...

Hi Paul,

Always an interested student in your work!

When you've finished compiling the list are you putting it up for open reuse?

Would be interested in putting my time into something with that kind of output. :)


Unknown said...

thanks for the plug paul, and for this waitangi day we have launched a new idea:

it's all about finding solutions for a small country...

have a great weekend,

steve adams
made from new zealand

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