Wednesday, 18 February 2009

NZ Section 92a - latest on Parliament demo - plus repost on song and video

The Demonstration of concern at NZ Parliament
The demonstration of concern over Sec 92a outside the NZ Parliament is definitely happening n THURSDAY, 19th February, at 12:00 noon

My apologies for the previous post, which I have taken down cos it was wrong. In my defence I posted in good faith - seems like there was a bit of a mix up.
The Copyright song
This is still the same - i.e. the The Creative Freedom Foundation has teamed up with Mike Corb and Luke Rowell / Disasteradio to produce the Guilt Upon Accusation anthem: The Copywrong Song.

The song is part of a week of action, launched by the Foundation, against Guilt Upon Accusation laws in NZ. The campaign, taking place from 16-23 February, is a reaction to Section 92A of the Copyright Amendment Act due to come into effect in NZ on February 28.

Lyrics: Matt Hunt, Mike Corb, Bronwyn Holloway-Smith, Luke Rowell/Disasteradio
Music: Mike Corb
Produced by: Luke Rowell/Disasteradio
Vocals, guitar, guitar synth: Mike Corb
Synths and programming: Luke Rowell/Disasteradio

Info on the Remix Challenge

The Video
This is so on the button - thanks!


Brenda Chawner said...

Paul, there's one more change to the time for the public demonstration. Matthew Holloway told me earlier this afternoon that it's will start at noon, and they're scheduled to present the petition to Peter Dunne at 12:30 pm.

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