Thursday, 12 February 2009

NZ OnScreen and the embed thing

Had a note from the good people from NZ OnScreen saying they had put up a couple of new things that might interest me. They were right. They do - lots!

Janet Frame - Wrestling with the Angel
This is the documentary about author Janet Frame based on the 2000 biography by Michael King. It travels through the well-known themes of Frame's biography - her alleged mental illness, family tragedies, overseas stays, how she began writing - but presents new insights
through interviews with close friends and key figures.
Three excerpts are available

[Update - Saturday - oops - apparently there has been a blip with the Janet Frame excerpts - they have been taken down for review and a reload - or so I'm told]

Ans Westra - Private Journeys/Public Signposts
From the late 1950's Dutch emigree Westra captured iconic images of New Zealanders. They observe Aotearoa societal changes, particularly Māori urban drift. This film explores her life and work, and includes commentary from family and friends, fellow photographers, and colleagues, as well as discussion of the Washday at the Pa controversy.
One excerpt is available.

The embed thing
I also had an interesting discussion with NZ OnScreen on the embed option - i.e. when did they think they might offer people the ability to take a piece of code and so embed the video in a small player on their blog , or whatever.

The discussion proved illuminating. First up, as I knew perfectly well, the issue isn't with the site, or the people who run it. Rather it's about convincing the rights holders that giving the embed option is a way of making their material go viral across the web - ie. when it tuns up on a blog, it doesn't mean the blogger has nicked the content and should be made to pay, or dragged off to the dungeon, or both.

In contrast, what is happening is that the blogger is acting as their unpaid agent and making sure their content finds new audiences and new ways on seeing.

Moreover, if their agent, in this case NZ Screen, gets it right, then the embedded object can become a mini TV channel which showcases their content in the context of a larger collection of other films/docs etc.

As I say, the people at NZ Screen know this -the task is to get the producers/rights holder to understand the logic. And given that, in my experience, lots of independent film/doc makers are frighteningly techno Luddite, this ain't an easy ask.

Let's wish them sucess - if it helps their case, they might also like to know that I heard, off the record, from one of the people working on the TVNZ rebuild, that embedding is definitely part of their plan - and that includes TVNZ OnDemand.

TED - and doing the right thing
Naturally I can't finish this post without a bow to the true masters of the embed video ecology - TED - and just for laughs - let's use as an example this presentation from no less than Bill Gates who cheerfully tells his audience that "the market does not drive scientists, thinkers, governments, to do the right things"

Foo Camp - Warkworth
And just for the tape - I am truly delighted to have had an invite to this years Foo Camp in Warkworth this weekend. There should be lots to report/think on when I return on Sunday.


brenda said...

Due to an unfortunate glitch in the process, the title Wrestling with the Angel has had to be removed from the site.
We hope to put it back online as soon as possible!

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