Friday, 20 February 2009

ISP's are not courts - what is hard about this?

Rod Emmerson
Brilliant cartoon in this morning's New Zealand Herald from Rod Emmerson - his Herald archive is here.

Jim Mora - Radio New Zealand
I was also invited onto The Panel on Afternoon, Jim Mora's show on National Radio. Go here to page -it's the first section of the panel. Or if you just want to listen, then click here for mp3 I start talking about 5 mins in.

Self Critique
I stuffed up the chance to explore the fair use issue - but I did manage to get over that because the definition of ISP is so loose, NZ small business owners, schools and libraries will get caught by Section 92a.

The John Key interview when he says the has only just read the Act, and Section 92a, and the drafting looks a bit ropey is here.

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