Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Alexander Turnbull Library and Fair Use

Another successful campaign
Dropped onto this image while researching something else. Shows three things. First, Section 92a campaigners might like to note another successful mass campaign which I suspect many of them might not quite agree with.

Ephemera - analogue social media
Second, the Manuscripts and Pictorial micro site to the Alexander Turnbull Library of the NLNZ continues to push up into the daylight some really interesting pieces of ephemera.

Fair Use Rules
Third, in contrast to the older, and , as yet, for sure, more comprehensive, Timeframes Collection, the copyright statement specifically tells bloggers you are just fine to use the image.
In short fair use rules!

Diverging views
So thanks a lot - and dare I say a really nice example of the NL putting their collection at the disposal of their online users - as opposed to sitting behind a wall of privileged access.

Curiously, there are still people who think that's its job - see this mornings NZ Herald for a lovely example. The irony is the digital end of the NL will probably collect this and preserve it . Funny old world.