Thursday, 29 January 2009

UK Film Council launches "Find Any Film"

In a welcome intelligent bid to own the agenda around copyright, legal downloading, consumer education, et al, The UK Film Council have put together a web site, Find Any Film, where users can search for films available in the UK and find out if they are for hire or sale, whether as DVD, local cinema, or legal download.

The website is free to use and contains records of more than 30,000 films, or roughly seven years' worth of viewing, and they come in 20 genres and over 60 languages.

The Site
The site is in typical matt black so beloved of film agencies, although, mercifully, the detail on the record is on a white background. Also, the search interface is clean and easy to use, as is the results page.

I also liked the interaction design, especially around the ease of use on the alerting feature which lets people know when a title is available either as a legal download as well when it will be playing at a cinema near me, or available as a DVD for hire or sale.

In short, a class act.

A portable Search Widget?
On the still to find front, if people have been following previous posts of mine, then it will come as no surprise that I went looking for a search widget that could be embedded in other sites. Nope. Not yet. However, I am sure it is on it's way?

The Leadership Thing
What's really good, is to see an initiative from a big chunky traditional player in the likes of UK Film Council, taking such a proactive stance in developing alternatives to combat the illegal download problem that is currently obsessing the entire cultural/creative industries.

Would be great to see the Australian and New Zealand counterparts doing something similar? For example, we hear so much about the dire affect on the local film industry as a consequence of illegal downloading and pirating of New Zealand film titles. And fair enought too.

So where is Sione's Wedding playing on the cinima screen, who is selling the DVD and where can I download it legally?


Simon said...

Great move, and as you say, fantastic to see leadership.

It's sad that often the powers-that-be have the data, and entrepreneurs have the initiative, but nothing connects them. Something went really well this time.

Unknown said...

Legal downloads of NZ films will be a long way off - hampered in no small part by the state of our internet.

Illegal downloads of NZ content are also few and far between - most likely for similar reasons (who has the kind of connection to seed?!) Top that off with the impending new laws and there'll be very few people willing to risk their connections.

Sione's Wedding is available on DVD all over the place. As it is still selling on DVD there is reluctance to put it online - and the models to do so on a payment basis are sorely lacking.

For now NZ On Screen can only show trailers of feature films, with a few exceptions where there are also longer clips or extra material.

One thing I know, putting this kind of material online and maintaining it there costs $$$, and there are less of those floating around these days!

brenda said...

Not sure what happened to my identity, but the NZ is from me, Brenda :)

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