Tuesday, 6 January 2009

TED classic : Kary Mullis - What scientists do

Summer in the Sun
I'm currently in Napier, on the kiwi summer holiday - staying in a cute wee holiday cottage, resting, reading, et al.

I am also playing with lots of sources [ e.g. Coleridge, Humphry Davy] which explore the creative link between science and artists. Makes TED more and more my natural home!

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Bindy said...

It was tricky moment : Kary Mullis and the story about making rocket fuel... across the room a discovery about some detail in WOW - what would fix the attention of the boy? Experimentation and explosives translated through the imagination beat graphics and strategy in 2D. Thanks Paul.

BTW : On the 17thC.. "we have never been modern" See: http://www.craftculture.org/Archive/rcook1.htm