Thursday, 15 January 2009

LIANZA: Sec 92a - New Zealand publications on copyright for librarians

Given the ongoing interest in Sec 92a , I offer below a bunch of resources prepared by the LIANZA, the New Zealand Library and Information Association of New Zealand, Aoteareo. Very useful and timely.
They come from, here,

The Copyright Act 1994 and Amendments: Guidelines for Librarians
5th Edition - Revised December 2008
Produced by the Copyright Task Force of the Library and Information Association of New Zealand Aotearoa Te Rau Herenga o Aotearoa (Guy Field, Tony Millett, Tracy Parsons, Gail Pattie)
Edited by Tony Millett
LIANZA Public Document Number 1/2005
ISSN 1174-7897

Implications for Interloan of the Copyright Act 1994 and Amendments
5th edition - Revised December 2008
Edited for the Te Puna Strategic Advisory Committee
(TPSAC), formerly the JSCI, by Tony Millett

Questions and answers on copyright for librarians
By Tony Millett (December 2008)

Copyright guidelines for research students

Copyright guidelines for academic staff and students

Questions and answers on copyright for academic staff and students

Copyright and museums


Update: LIANZA has writter to Stephen Joyce, NZ Minister of Communication and Information Technology, asking him to reconsider Sec 92a and expressing concern at the wide ranging potential of the definition of ISP.

The quote below was posted to the NZ- Libs the main NZ Library listserv.

Letter to Minsiter of Communication and Information Technology.

A letter was sent yesterday on behalf of LIANZA to the Minister for
Communications and Information Technology, expressing LIANZA's concerns

(1) the extremely broad definition of internet service provider (it includes any person or organisation which has a website)

(2) the implication that ISPs will be required to act on accusations of illegal access of copyright materials by users (thereby reversing the legal principle that a person or organisation is deemed innocent until proved guilty)

(3) the provisions of section 92A, requiring ISPs to terminate the account of a repeat infringer (which, if the repeat infringer is a user illegally accessing or downloading in-copyright materials on a library public-access computer, may result in the library, and possibly also the organisation (e.g. council, university, school, etc) to which the
library is attached, to lose all Internet access).

The letter strongly recommends that:

(1) the definition of internet service provider be amended
(2) section 92A be repealed prior to the date of its implementation (28
February 2009).

end quote

See also Sue Cooper comments on her Auckland City Library blog.

Good game!


Jaffabell said...

Yes, good effort by Lianza & that Lianza is writing to the Minister for Comms & IT, Steven Joyce re section 92a and is in communication with the Telecommunications Carriers Forum about its code of practice - due out 20th Jan.

hollowaynz said...

We have posted a story about this on ...but just to comment on a probably accidental use of language:

"if the repeat infringer is a user illegally accessing or downloading"

The issue is that it's allegedly illegal, not that it's deemed illegal by a court. Users connections and indeed library connections can be disconnected without any judge of illegality, without evidence being held to court scrutiny, and without any judicial oversight.

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