Friday, 2 January 2009

Happy New Year - welcome 2009

Happy New Year to one and all. As friends, workmates, acquaintances, co -conspirators know  - sorry but I loathe the colleague word-  I am a huge fan of New Year. 

For sure it's my Scottish background - but I think it also comes from an early understanding that it was also a perfect re-balancing trick - that in preparing the New Year resolutions, or whatever, you also got a chance to say which parts of the last year you want/need on the voyage into the next year.If not, then it gets binned! 

It's such a great way of saying - " it was a year ago -  enough already Michael - let it go!"

So - bye-bye 2008. You were a bit of a toughie if the truth be told - hard to please and quick to ask for more effort in the pursuit of what I would normally find effortless. 

But that was then - this is the new gig. I am totally up for it.  Hope it is the same for you!

Thanks - New Year Auckland
When me and my best pal, H, first came to NZ in 1990 we looked in vain for any sign of New Year public celebration around central Auckland. 

On Hogmany this year the Sky Tower erupted into fireworks - boats hooted horns on the Waitemata, Queen/Victoria Street was a heaving mass of happy people, while up on Albert Part the trees were packed with groups waiting for the chime of midnight. 

We might have a way to go to match Sydney - but this is much more like it - thanks Auckland!


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