Thursday, 29 January 2009

Google Mail goes offline

Thanks to PC World for alerting me to the news that Google have begun to offer offline access to Gmail

This lets people use Gmail when disconnected from the Internet, and has been in the pipeline since the launch of Google Gears.

Gears is currently used for offline access to several Web applications from Google, like the Reader RSS manager and the Docs word processor.

Google has said letting users replicate their entire Gmail in-boxes to their PCs would cause too much data interchange between client and the Google cloud.

So instead they have developed an algorithm that determines which messages should be downloaded to PCs according to the use pattern of the user. The service is as is - i.e. you can't tweak the settings.

The Gmail Blackberry story
I never used to be a great Gmail user until I realised it was the easiest way to get e-mail in an out of a BlackBerry - i.e. make a generic forward from your inbox in Exchange/Outlook, and then tweak the Gmail settings to show your company address as opposed to the Gmail address.

Then download the Gmail application onto the BlackBerry. Easy peasy, and seems to work just fine. And you can't imagine the relief that was after all the shenanigans trying to get our Exchange server to run the BlackBerry server doda!

Just how it will play on a MacBook is still to be determined - but it is going to be fun to find out.


Welcome_to_my_world said...

I am a user of gmail and love being able to get mail from my xtra account (pop3) and yahoo account. Thanks for posting that information, I like reading any useful hints that expand my gmail experience.

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