Saturday, 3 January 2009

Android netbooks by 2010 ?

My Twitter feed is all a tweet passing on the speculation that Google might have a netbook, or mini laptop, up and running by the end of the year and potentially ready for market for 2010.

Being a combination of messianic enthusiasts and skeptics [in one body] the same hydra source is also quick to point out that Google would be very unlikely to have all the software by then , and hey, of course didn't we forgot , 'we are heading into the economic mini ice age for 2009'

The original story came from Venture Beat, via two freelancers, Mattuas Krzykoski and Daniel Hartmann who have parallel lives running their own outfit Mobile-facts.

As Mobile-facts they took a netbook Asus EEEPC 1000H running on an Intel chip and had the Google's operating system Android complied in four hours, plus a couple more to get sound and network drivers running etc, plus software et al. They then sat back and pondered.

Under the hood
First up they leveraged their discovery that the way the code was notated signaled that in addition to Google's known push to use Android as a mainstream mobile phone, there was also already in place, in the code, the ability to quickly interface with the emerging netbook or mini laptop market.

Chrome as the top slice
Second, like many others in the last few months, they pondered as to where and how last years new browser poster child, Google Chrome browser fits into this play.

Chrome it will be recalled is the slimmed down super fit browser which has its own ambition to bulid a dynamic community of practice/development which will result in an entire ecology of rich internet applications [RIA] running inside the browser.

The fact we don't have an Apple or a Linux version of Chrome hasn't deterred either the authors or their networks, from speculating that this scenario is not just achievable, but probably in play - with job done by the end of the year, and the resulting mass market netbooks out in the shops by 2010.

Hotel California 2.0
They might even be right - but somehow it don't feel cooked yet to me. That said, its a brilliant New Year kite for us all to play with - Google Android - Google Chrome - and all those third party communities and applications that could eventually ' embrace and extend' the Android model. Embrace - extend - is there an echo in the room?
Read the full story here.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Seems at least vaguely plausible. It would be one way to increase the size of the android developer/user ecosystem, which is important given the iPhone competition. On the other hand, the bigger the screen and more powerful the hardware, the more it makes sense to use a *nix based O/S rather than a smartphone O/S as the lowest level in the stack.

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