Wednesday, 10 December 2008

More good news on Creative Commons from Australia

I am very grateful to Jessica Coates Project Manager Creative Commons Clinic Queensland University of Technology for spotting and then reporting on the CC list that the the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) is going CC - and under an Attribution-only licence, no less.

From the ABS website

"Creative Commons provides a spectrum of licensing for the use of intellectual property between full copyright and public domain – in essence 'some rights reserved'. The ABS is poised to introduce Creative Commons licensing for the majority of its web content.

The relevant Creative Commons logo (which will link to the Attribution 2.5 Australia Licence) will be included at the bottom of every page on the ABS website"
The context to this is huge, both for Australia, and by implication and example, New Zealand, As Jessica  notes, ' The ABS conducts the annual Australian census, and is the holder of all official Australian statistical data. It's been providing all its resources for free for a number of years, but under a limited re-use licence. The decision to go one step further and allow complete reuse of its material - even for commercial purposes - heralds a great opportunity for the Australian community, researchers and business, and hopefully will lead to a great leap in the use of and innovation based on this rich resource"

Couldn't agree more - now for Stats New Zealand  to follow suit!


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