Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Holiday greetings from Auckland, Aotearoa

So, it's time. The holiday season is upon us. Here in Auckland, New Zealand that means bucket and spades and Christmas, and maybe, if you are lucky, a visit from the guy with the white beard and the black boots. 

More likely, it also means a trip to see the family, and then a mad rush to get to the holiday station to rest and recuperate.

Here at McGovern Online most people are already out the door. I, along with co-director Helen Smith have a few more things to do, and then we too will slip on the catch, enter the pin code for the alarm  and head out down the stairs.

The McGovern Way
It's been a fabulous year in lots and lots of way. Once again we proved that value of the golden rule - find great clients - build really great relationships, and then carve projects out of a common sky/purpose.

I know the coming year will/might/could/ be hard work for some people and some places. However, I am also convinced there is a plenty of scope for collaboration and common purpose. 

Blog lines 
We re-open our doors on the 12th January. Naturally, I will be checking in long before then.  I am also  hoping to share any bits of gold/fun/inspiration I come across. 

I wish everyone a happy holiday and a wonderful New Year when it comes!


Note to the image - Candle in a Dark Room  - Colin McCahon - In Shifting Light Exhibition
I am hoping Auckland Art Gallery will forgive my using one of their collection images. I chose it out of love and respect  - both for the work , my love for my adopted home, Aotearoa. 

The work, is currently on view at the fabulous exhibition, Shifting Light. Also on view is the truly stunning Urewera Triptych. If you have time over the holidays this is  just a must see. Details of Shifting Light, here.   Gallery blog, here.


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