Friday, 17 October 2008

The homeless thing - Auckland - Sydney - New York - Karen Anderson - TED

The debate on the extent of the homeless problem in Auckland, and what the city fathers should be doing about it, continues apace. Though New Zealanders rarely talk about their, albeit small homeless problem, the issue opened up with a bang in response to a council planning report that Auckland street people will/may need to be moved out of town in advance of the Rugby world cup.

As much rights to stay as stray cats
The latest episode to the story has Mayor John Banks reported as reassuring the homeless in Auckland that they have just as much right to stay in the city as stray cats. And he was being sympathetic!

The story has also been picked up by local televsion. With both TV3 Cambell Live and TV1 CloseUp covering the issue.

Mankind is No Island
This video, “Mankind is No Island” recently won first prize at Tropfest NY, directed by Jason van Genderen, in association with Karen Anderson, it was shot in New York and Sydney, entirely on a cell phone with a budget of $57.

It makes it point far better than any words I can come up with . More on the project, plus other links and comments, here

Credit - TED Prize
I got to this via TED - where else - they have also just announced their TED prize winners for 2008 - and that's definitely worth a Friday afternoon look.


Anonymous said...

Here in the city of perth library, the homeless lurk, sometimes referred to as vagabonds. they sleeep in the corners of the building, or in the library on the 'forms', some hang out on the pavement, or in the church grounds. "supermarket" man has exchanged his trolley for an up market baby buggy-rather new it is too, my mind boggles as to how he acquired this. apart from smelling the homeless are quiet and generally men. unfortunately due to unsociable behaviour we have had to lock the toilets, although we do hand out keys attached to a very large wooden cube for those desperate.
I would love to do a photoscape of the homeless, have been thinking of an altered book project-using discarded library books for my project.
having recently visited akl, and stayed in albert street, i feel the numbers of homeless are the same as Perth.

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

Where is the Council report on the homeless found?

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