Friday, 5 September 2008

Readers and Writers - the Festival circuit moves to Christchurch

The Christchurch Writers Festival kicked off yesterday, and runs through to Sunday. I'd have loved to have been there. The offshore stars include Robert Fisk who is now being offered an extra session to cope with demand. However, there are also 20 international and 40 local speakers, so there will no shortage of activity over the upcoming weekend.

The web site is here. I like the design and layout - however, I'd have liked a bit more news on what was going on.

Christchurch City Libraries blog their own
This being Christchurch, this gap is more than taken care of by Christchurch City Libraries blogging team. Given this is their home turf you would expect them to be there: however, you have to give it to them - they are starting to develop a real style of their own, both in the topics they cover and the strength of their authorial voice. In short the writing is neat. I also think their audio interviews are well worth a listen.

McGovern - Auckland Writers Festival
Given McGovern Online is the web site sponsor to the Auckland Writers Festival, as may be expected, I take more than a passing interest in how the literary festival scene is using the web - both as a promotion and marketing tool, but also as a space in which they can offer more innovative reader and writer type experiences.

Melbourne Writers Festival
On that note, I was intrigued to see this experiment coming out of the recent Melbourne Festival where over the weekend of Saturday 30th they hosted Remix My Lit's live remixing event
Still Going
This involved a big screen in Federation Square dedicated to the live multimedia remix of RML stories. Tales by authors such as Cate Kennedy, James Phelan, Kim Wilkins and Danielle Wood were stretched, tweaked, mashed and generally brought to life in a live set by A/V artist M.
The remix project was possible because these stories have been licenced by their authors under the Creative Commons framework.

ReMix Site - deadline extended to 19th October 2008
The project is also open to people wishing to contribute/take part from home, and the deadline has been extended to the 19th October 2008. Versions of what people have managed to date, are here

Melbourne Digital Fringe
Also worth looking at as a benchmark is the Melbourne Fringe Festival's Digital Fringe program .They have issued a call out for material and screens for its 2008 program (24 September to 12 October).

Run out of the experimental media bar, Horse Bazaar , Digital Fringe showcases the work of emerging and established new media artists on hundreds of screens across Victoria.

Contributions can be from anywhere in the world and can be in any form, from works by professional artists to kindergarten multimedia projects and everything in between.

You provide the material, they provide the novel environment - whether it be a bar, a gallery, a wall or even a mobile phone. They even have a Mobile Projection Unit, which moves around Melbourne from dusk, projecting onto buildings and structures and interacting with the city life and local goings on.

For a more local "big wall" effort, you might want to spend a Friday afternoon moment checking out this brand new site out of Te Papa, Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa who have just announced it is opening its doors to all its Our Space contributors.

Our Space is Te Papa's new interactive multi-media experience. It is made up of user generated content either uploaded inside the Museum, or from the web site. You get to be a contributor by signing up on the site.

The actual wall inside the Museum officially opens to the public on September 27th. However, on Thursday 18 and Friday 19 of September, from 10am- 4pm, Our Space members are welcome to visit the new physical space, explore the new technology and discover the images submitted by hundreds of contributors.

If you want to be one of the contributors, become a member, or see what the Our Space user generated content experience is all about - then head over to the web site, here.