Friday, 22 August 2008

Read while Waiting - part 2

Okay - this is my final Friday afternoon attempt to drum up interest in the Read While Waiting project which is happening at 3pm tomorrow , Saturday, 23rd August, 2008

Basically its easy - at 3pm tomorrow , wherever you are in the world, or closer to home, New Zealand, you stop what you are doing - head to a public space, either alone or with friends and start reading for 15 minutes.

The idea being to celebrate and participate in the world wide happening, Read While Waiting project, being organised globally by the lovely people at Random Alphabets in Malaysia

The detail - Auckland - Wellington - Christchurch
You can do this anywhere - either alone or with friends. However, if you live in Auckland , Christchurch or Wellington and want to make it more of a group happening thing - then head to either Aotea Square - Cathedral Square or Civic Square -- i.e outside the City Gallery.

The guys from Random alphabets have also set up FaceBook pages for each location, here . As well as KL,Sydney, Melbourne, Perth etc, there are pages for Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch

Random Alphabets
There are also a whole bunch of new videos and other news at the Random Alphabets site. check them out afterwards for photos etc. Even better take a camera and take some photos/videos of your own.

There you go - spread the love!! I will be at the Aotea Square one. Hope people join in. Here is one of the new videos ...


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't be great to see everyone lining up, reading in bus queues, bank queues, Post Office queues....everywhere.
I agree Sean Connery's statement is great and I always have a book in my bag, can't stand the idea of wasting time in a queue.

Anonymous said...

what timezone is 3 pm - or is it just 3pm regardless...

Anonymous said...

this facerbook thing - i have to log on - does it cost - what is it

Anonymous said...

Thanks a ton Paul.

Hope all of you have it great that in New Zealand. Will be visiting your country in early October, and your participation for this makes me want to go there sooner!

Will be meeting a few people from the press today and will make mention of NZ's active participation. :)

Zain HD

Anonymous said...

Nice little gathering down in Aotea Square this afternoon.

Despite using the internet alot I don't think I could train my attention span to find reading for very short durations in bank queues etc satisfying, but enjoy reading on local buses & coffee shops when I've a spare 10-15 minutes.

I like the idea of encouraging Public Reading, we should see more of it.

Bookbabe said...

Good on you all..... a true seize the moment affair; I hope it makes ripples

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