Monday, 28 July 2008

Richard Powers - Writers on Mondays - Institute of Modern Letters, NLNZ

Strike two of the new plan to get interesting snippits that come across the desk up and running without too much stuffing around - in short - fail fast - fail often.

Institute of Modern Letters
I have to hand a printed handout to Victoria University's Institute of Modern Letters , Writers on Mondays Series - July, September, which are hosted in the National Library, New Zealand.
You can find the programme here.
The session that is happening tonight at 5pm at the National Library in Wellington is with the American novelist Richard Powers who won the 2006 National Book Award for Fiction with The Echo Maker, a psychological thriller that centres on a man with a rare brain disorder.

Powers has explored the effects of modern science and technology in his fiction, including photography, molecular genetics and artificial intelligence. He is talking with with broadcaster Kim Hill.

Not sure if the National Library have plans to record and webcast this session. As I wont be able to get to the session I hope so. Plus, I would have thought it was now mandatory?

Saturday Morning Show on National Radio, NZ
Actually, I have heard both interviewer and author speaking already, courtesy of an interview she did with the same author on her Saturday Morning Show on National Radio, NZ.

Curiously, despite being a fan of KH, and, for that matter, once upon a time being one of her regulars when she was the empress in residence to the Nine to Noon Show, I rarely listen to her on a Saturday. It's as if my brain wont take in the modern weekend triple, the book, the recipe, and the playlist. It's nothing personal - just need a bit of space on a Saturday and usually spent it up in K Raod in the St Kevins Arcade before heading down through Myers Park for a vegetable curry at a little food stall in the Aotea Square market.

Given the weather this weekend, I stayed in, and so happened to catch the Kim Hill Richard Power interview. It was totally great . And yes - National Radio has it on the web site - audio link here.

By the by - there is a time limit on these sessions.. so at some point this link wont work. Not sure why - perhaps someone could explain the logic ?

More on NZ National Radio - This Way Up and the Big Tele.
While I am on the subject of Saturday on NZ National Radio, Simon Morton and Peter Griffin, his tech correspondent played an absolute blinder last Saturday when they went shopping for a "big tele"

I heard the interview in Unity Books. It was like some kind of Quatermass moment - the entire shop of staff and serious book browser frozen in space and time as we twigged almost simultaneously that is was pure gold - a superb summary of how to navigate the jargon infested discursive labyrinth of the big tele. Brilliant bit of radio. Missed it? Click here for audio.

This Way Up also has a Facebook Group - here.


ghastlily said...

Richard Powers did a great session at the National Library on Monday in which he read from his novel In the Time of Our Singing - but it was at 1 pm, not 5 pm. Next week's Writers On Mondays event (Hand to Hand: Five Laureates, featuring all NZ's living poet laureates reading from their work) starts at 5.30 pm, but after that the series reverts to its usual 1-2pm time slot.

Anonymous said...

I get the impression that the photo at the top of the Richard Powers piece is supposed to be of Richard Powers - it is not though - it is Reginald Tate, the first actor to portray Professor Bernard Quatermass.

I was lucky enough to be at the 'Time of our Singing' talk - he is the best writer I have struck for a long time... and he had a lovely reading voice too...

Paul Reynolds said...

Nope , didn't mean it to be Richard Powers - I meant it to be a photo of Quatermass [ aka Reginald Tate] - guess I was being too subtle - the picture was supposed to reference "a Quatermass moment ' which is why it links to Wikipedia/Quatermass ..
paul reynolds

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