Wednesday, 30 July 2008

NZ Arts Foundation Update Issue 21

Like every other arts jurisdiction New Zealand is an active ecology of arts practitioners, supporters, audience, and of course, patrons. One of the key agencies to the latter is the The New Zealand Arts Foundation.

They have an almost irrepressible energy, a deal of which is on evidence on their web site, here. They also put out updates - this one - Issue 21 - includes the following snippits:

Jenny Bornholdt and John Pule’s (Laureates) poems appear on a CD published by the Auckland University Press titled New New Zealand Poets in Performance.
The CD will be released at an evening with readings by Laureates at the National Library of New Zealand foyer and Reading Room on August 4 from 5.30pm.

The Dean Endowment Trust established by Gillian and Roderick Dean (Award for Patronage Donation Recipient) has announced that they will be supporting Luke Di Soma of Christchurch to attend a Directors course in New York.

Filming is scheduled to begin on a filmic adaptation of Maurice Gee’s (Icon) Under The Mountain in August on Auckland’s North Shore.

Michael Houstoun (Laureate) will perform with the New Zealand String Quartet as a part of their French Connections series. Concerts will be presented in Wellington, Nelson, Auckland, Waitakere and Hawke’s Bay in August and September.

Anna Leese (Award for Patronage Donation Recipient) will be on tour around New Zealand in August, accompanied by pianist Terence Dennis.
Their recital at the Wellington Town Hall on Monday 18 August will be aired on NZ Radio from 8pm.

Delia Matthews (Award for Patronage Donation Recipient) has just been announced as the outstanding female graduate of her year at the Royal Ballet School London.

Warren Maxwell (New Generation Artist) and his band Little Bushman will perform with The Phoenix Foundation at the Wellington Opera House on 1 August.

Julia Morison (Laureate) presents a second permutation of her newest project, Myriorama at Two Rooms Auckland until 9 August 2008. Further variations of Myriorama will appear at RAMP in Hamilton in September and also in Tauranga.

Work by Milan Mrkusich (Icon) is on display at the Gus Fisher Gallery as a part of the exhibition New Vision: The New Vision Gallery 1965-76 also on at the Gus Fisher is The Swarm: A peek into the hive-mind of group dynamics which features work by Phil Dadson (Laureate). Both exhibitions run until 16 August.

Gaylene Preston (Laureate) has been nominated a finalists for a WIFT (Women in Film & Television) Award. The Awards ceremony will be held at SKYCITY Theatre on Monday 11 August. Tickets available from the WIFT website

An article from the NZ Listener (Vol 214) about the work of John Psathas (Laureate) is available at:

Satellite Art Projects will present R.U.R an eight-metre-long robot sculpture by Ronnie Van Hout (Laureate) at the Melbourne Art Fair 2008 from July 30 to August 3, Royal Exhibition Building, Carlton Gardens. Tickets $24/$16.


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