Tuesday, 24 June 2008

UK journalists leading the way with blogs and video

In this smoke free world. the image of the intrepid journalist firing of a world class piece of copy just on deadline amid a fog of tobacco smoke is long gone.

However, even the Wapping hi-rise replacement still had an expectation that jouros would write print, photographers would do the snaps, and the graphic boys would come up with the layout and the diagrams. As for video, that was for the guys over at the BBC.

Now, and in the future, the expectation is for multi media professionals who can tell their story in both print, audio and, increasingly, in video.

Future of Journalism
As could be expected by one of the leaders in the converging media landscape, the UK Guardian is hosting a conference on The Future of Journalism which is being reported in multi media formats, here.
Though a fascinating trend, it is not all plain sailing.

For example the EJC Media News reports a recent study from European Digital Journalism which highlights that though journalists in the UK are more likely to be producing video content and blogging as part of their workload than their European counterparts, over three quarters of UK respondents said that producing additional multimedia content for the web was the biggest challenge to their jobs.

Moreover, though the UK lead the pack, 14 per cent of the UK journos surveyed said they had received no training for producing multimedia content.

The results of the survey are available in full on the European Digital Journalism Study site.

New Zealand versions
The New Zealand online newspaper landscape is also worth watching. Recent changes to the NZ Herald site includes video. Scoop, the independent news source has been doing something similar for some time. All are worth noting.

As for the future - check out the Guardian conference reference . Lots to interest there, especially the interview between Alan Rusbridger and Arianna Huffington, here

Upcoming posts.
In the meantime I am knee deep in three pieces of work , all of which should have a blog version here. First, a report and assessment of the OECD Future of the Internet Economy Ministerial in Seoul . Second a response to the recently published NZ E-government 2007 report - Progress Towards Transformation, , and third, but not least, an opinion piece on the newly formed Digital Digital Development Council.