Thursday, 28 February 2008

Times Uk - Green Central

The Times Online has posted a really interesting set of blog links which they are calling their top 50 environmental blogs. Really interesting piece of work - thought it was worth sharing in detail - so herewith the list.
I don't useally quote in full like this - but thought this was worth it - however, for the record - The original is here. Attribution: the text below is from the Times.

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" 1. The must-reads

Grist Mill
The green blog from the other side of the pond. Grist Mill has dozens of posts a day, a veritable army of contributors and is as happy number crunching as it is doing the fun stuff. A must-RSS.

Bringing environmental issues to the mainstream, Treehugger has been described as a “green CNN”, and is determined to be one of the most professional and popular green blogs. Posts such as How to Green Your Sex Life ensure that no aspect of environmental living is left unexplored.

Another must-RSS, this news gathering blog brings you in the main environmental stories from the States. You can also see which posts were the most popular in the past day, week, month and year. Just in case you're wondering, a post on big holes was the third most popular.

The Sietch Blog
Proof that ‘eco warriors’ need not be humourless party poopers, the Sietch Blog is the voice of the Sietch Community ('A community of friends changing the world for the better'). It presents serious information and analysis, as well as light-hearted stories, such as the bicycle forklift.

This well designed blog is high on posts but low on opinionated comment, making it a great place to read about green issues and make up your own mind. Direct action is in the form of the odd 'open letter' such as this one to Hillary Clinton

2. The news blogs

Climate Debate Daily
From the makers of Arts & Letters Daily, Climate Debate Daily claims to offer a new way to understand disputes about global warming. It rounds up news and gives equal voice to the dissenters and the activists and as such is a great place to go for varying interpretations of the latest happenings.

Dot Earth
This New York Times blog has lots of news reports on the effects of rising population and limited resources. Posts such as Making Fuel From Air link to the latest scientific research.

Hugg 2.0
Hugg allows people to upload stories themselves; you ‘Hugg’ the stories you find useful, and browse the directory to find out what interests other green readers. You may need to do some sifting to find genuinely interesting posts, however.

Guardian Unlimited - Climate Change blog
Takes you behind the headlines with wide ranging posts: from 'Where's our renewables revolution?' which accuses the government of being all talk and no action, to 'Watching the offsetters' which asks whether a voluntary code of conduct make us any more confident when choosing a carbon offset scheme.

In Balance
A British blog which looks at current issues such as carbon tax, ethical funds and whether a Hummer uses less energy than a Prius.

3. Policy, economics and energy

Common Tragedies
An American perspective on the economic impact of climate change from research assistants at Resources for the Future.

Energy Outlook
A meaty blog written by energy consultant Geoffrey Styles. Interesting posts look at the effect of a US recession on gasoline demand and how measuring a car's fuel consumption per dollar, rather than per gallon, might make us think about our travelling habits more.

Transition Culture
This blog looks at reskilling as a way to survive past the end of the oil age. The writer has studied and taught permaculture (the practice of creating horticulture practices that are in tune with nature and hence permanent). And he's found a new, efficient way to peel an egg.

Off Grid
Partly activist and partly dedicated to saving the planet and money, Off Grid does what it says on the tin. Find out how to eco-pimp your home and drop off the grid.

Sister of gadget site EcoGeek, EnviroWonk takes a look at US politics and international environmental policy. A recent post of note is this one referring to that small matter of elections in America, asking 'how oily is your candidate?'

4. The scientists

Real Climate
Run by working climate scientists, the Real Climate blog offers a level of expertise that can make it a little daunting (see, for example, Tropical cyclone history - part II: Paleotempestology still in its infancy). However, the site benefits by having talented scientists write for those with little scientific knowledge, and the explanations have a level of credibility that many other blogs lack, so it's a great place to gen up.

Certainly a unique voice in environmental blogging, William M. Connolley manages to take a lighter approach to climate change science.

Logical Science
Lots of science-based innovations offering potential solutions to the eco problem.

5. The macro activists

It would be foolish not to mention one of the biggest names in environmental activism here. While the organisation has been criticised for various reasons with varying degrees of legitimacy, there is no denying it is hugely influential, and its weblog keeps one well aware of issues.

Green Girls Global
When the lauded and much missed eco blog City Hippy ended in 2006, former editor Vicky decided to form a new blog to discuss ethical and environmental issues. That her fellow founding editors were female lead to the blog name, but male readers should not worry too much, a Green Guys Global launched last year for male guest writers and editors.

De Smog Blog
Set up by Jim Hoggan, the president of a leading Canadian PR firm, De Smog Blog’s aim is to "clear the PR pollution that is clouding the science on climate change". Updated regularly throughout the day.

The Unsuitablog
Seeks to name and shame companies engaging in environmental hypocrisy. Check out the ‘subvertising’ gallery for advertising campaigns altered to expose environmental hypocrites.

6. The micro activists

Green Jelly Bean
A site dedicated to rounding up green events, eco campaigns and the practicalities of an individual trying to live a greener existence. Rather focused on Norfolk.

The Hedge Wizards Diary
The entertaining story of a family's move to the country and their attempt to move into the 'post Peak Oil era'. How to fetch poo, anyone?

Alice in Blogland
A personal, quirky site that focuses on a variety of issues, touching frequently upon green issues in a readable, and often humorous way. As she says herself, her blog is a collection of 'ramblings on allotments, trying to be green, goldfish, direct action and her neighbour's recalcitrant cat'.

7. Ways to live greener

Hippy Shopper
Billed as a 'guide to ethical consumerism', this blog aims to promote sustainable consumption with sections on fashion, food and drink, green gadgets and health and beauty. As it’s unlikely any of us are really going to start consuming less in today’s purchase-driven culture, this site could prove useful. See posts such as 'Sainsbury's makes clothes from own waste' and 'Apple introduces recycling scheme'

How can I recycle this?
The clue is in the title – tips for recycling a massive variety of wasted items, such as train tickets, styrofoam containers, or floppy disk boxes. Send in your own requests or ideas too.

The Green Thing Blog
Encourages members to do a different “green thing” every month, and tells the community about the results. Here's a very convincing argument for walking.

Eco Street
A blog offering inventive yet practical ways for people to reduce their carbon footprint, as well as interesting news on the subject. Find out how to recycle a washing machine drum into a cool Ottoman and find out why women are greener drivers than men

The City Fix
Exploring the future of urban growth and planning with an emphasis on sustainable outcomes such as Ikea cars and why bus passengers in Kilmarnock will be able to pay their fare with used cooking oil.

Plane Stupid
A blog (and also, amazingly, a group in real life) dedicated to exposing the ecological shortcomings of the airline industry. That shouldn't be too difficult.

Eco Worrier
OK, so it's a spot of shameless promotion for another Times Online blog, but Eco Worrier is a great place to find greener ways to consume. Check out posts such as 'Ten Fairtrade products you didn't know existed' and 'what to do with unwanted shoes'

8. The sceptics

World Climate Report
Billing itself as the “Web’s Longest Running Climate Change Blog”, World Climate Report takes the position that global warming is occurring, but its results will be far, far less dramatic then has been supposed.

Climate Resistance
A site actively involved in standing up for climate change sceptics, Climate Resistance puts its points across eloquently and is not afraid to stand up to the Grists of this world. As they put it themselves, 'Neither the science nor the politics of climate change should be exempt from scrutiny'.

Climate Audit
A site taking an in-depth look at climate change data, this sceptical site (which holds issue with some of the data from climate change, but does not make the argument that climate change is a myth) is a heavy read for those without scientific knowledge, but a great way to see the details of the debate. Think graphs, maps and snapshots from space.

William M. Briggs
The site of US-based statistician Briggs, who seeks to question and evaluate the data involved in climate change theories, ultimately coming to quite different conclusions. Don't approach unless you're very comfortable with numbers. Check out statistics' dirtiest secret

Václav Klaus
From the president of the Czech Republic who says that 'environmentalism is a religion'. He collects together writings and speeches of famous and influential sceptics. Not the most updated of blogs, but Klaus has a country to run, so we'll let him off.

Skeptical Science
A website dedicated to looking at the arguments of sceptics, this site is great for refuting typical arguments, such as 'It’s the sun', 'Global warming is good', and 'It’s freaking cold!'. We particularly love the skeptic-ometer.

9. Eco inventions

Eco Geek
A look at innovations in green technology. Even those that don't work, such as this exploding wind turbine.

Eco Friend
Eco Friend largely looks at environmentally-aware inventions, such as the solar powered lighter, or the water powered calculator. How much use some of them are is another matter. We love this handy incredible solar powered digital survivor kit

10. Celebrity-earth love-ins

Taking the spirit of celeb rag Heat to eco-issues, this site looks at celeb gossip from the perspective of the green community. Think 'Prince Charles officially bans foie gras', plus what Heather Mills and George Clooney have to do with the green debate.

DH love life
One shouldn’t be put off by the celebrity (DH stands for Daryl Hannah in case you didn’t realise) - this site is well designed and well-informed: there's a news section and videos on a range of subjects from bio diesel to vegan junk food. Oh, and Hannah has fairly good eco credentials herself, having built her own house out of sustainable materials. She was also arrested in 2006 for protesting the demolition of an urban farm in LA.

11. The politicos

Al Gore
He needs no introduction, but his blog could do with a few more posts. Still, Al Gore's blog is a great way to keep up with the world's Green Superhero.

Jonathon Porritt
Writer, campaigner and environmentalist Porritt is getting in there with the online debate. (Not too sure about the picture at the top of his blog though - you don't see Daryl Hannah doing that, do you?)

Sian Berry
The Green Party’s candidate for London Mayor has a blog over at the New Statesman, which is a must-read for envionmentally-conscious Londoners.

12. The environment in art, pictures and essays

Nasa's earth observatory
OK, so not strictly speaking a blog (and unfortunately out of action at the time of publishing this post) this is THE place to go for your fix of satellite pictures of the weird planet we call home.

Nexus 6
Most notable for its cartoons, this blog takes a frequently absurd look at climate change, government refusal, and sceptics. No postings since February 13th though - where are you Nexus 6?

Horatio Algeranon’s Anonymusing Tales
One of the more bizarre entries on this list – this blog mixes science and poetry (To emit, or not to emit?) the subject of global warming.

Planet Ark
More rolling news in pictures than blog, Planet Ark takes a feed of Reuters' environmental pictures. The images are a graphic reminder of the changes taking place.

The Earth Blog
Errs on the side of tree-hugging environmental extremism, but has 'essays helping people to make a better future', and lots of useful links to other sites.

end quote



Good list, thanks for links. This is just a minor link, but worth looking at from time to time, re polar cities in our future.

-- Danny Bloom


Someone asked me why I am doing this polar cities project. I will tell you why. Maybe you can blog on this someday, pro or con. You don't have to agree with me.


I feel that all this talk now, is just talk. Nothing will change. Our goose is already cooked, we have passed the tipping points. Plural.

So the time is NOW to start discussing, planning, locating and even prebuilding polar cities (not really at the poles but at extreme north and south regions, such as NZ and Alaska) to house survivors of global warming in year 2500 or so. In case it comes to that. Just start planning now. This is not a prediction but a mere speculation, based on lots of study and thinking. James Lovelock has seen our images of polar cities and emailed us back saying: "It may very well happen and soon."

So this is serious.

Tractorboy said...

Hi. Thanks for listing the 50 Eco Blogs on the Times Online. Got an email from them in the week and was pleasantly surprised that I got a mention under section 6, Didn't think anyone really read my blog and am pleased that some do. Glad I came across your blog and I will visit from time to time. Cheers.

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