Sunday, 9 December 2007

Museums on the Web

I got so downhearted by the last post I spent last night looking for excellence, and found it courtesy of some of the winners of this years Archives & Museum Informatics, Museums on the Web,

World of Awe
First up from SFMOMA - the World of Awe. Others might already know this - but it was new to me. I loved the idea of a new way of telling a story using journals and location/memory and digital object. The sound scape also adds to the mix. World of Awe is part of bigger e Space section of this world class museum.
see here

Museum of Victoria , Australia
Caught and Coloured
This is lovely piece of work from the Museum of Victoria in australia. Basically it is a series of Flash interactives showing Frederick McCoy's Prodromus of the Zoology of Victoria. It draws on the Museum of Victoria's rich archival sources, including digital copies of the original drawings, lithographic proofs and manuscripts.

The power of this digital piece is in the detail - both in the care taken to make really good digital objects from the works, and the subsequent commentary on how and where the material fits into the wider story. Really nice work!
Go direct here.

Stagework -
National Theatre , UK.
Though a tad didactic [seems to have its origin in school/educational out reach], this is a a really fine piece of work which explores a number of seminal productions in recent UK Theater, including performances of the Crucible, Henry V, et al.

It has a really well thought through structure, which in turn serves up a bunch of different perspectives on modern theater, including the process of production, the elements of storytelling and nature of modern drama. Definitely worth your attention on a warm muggy Sunday.

I'm off to Melbourne and Hobart for this week
Will be checking in.


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