Friday, 21 December 2007

2007 Digital Economy Fact Book

I'm intending a longer retrospective post, hopefully on Monday, Christmas Eve. But in the meantime, herewith some interesting reading over the holidays - that's of course if you are in the mood.

For those dear gentle readers from the northern hemisphere be advised that this is the the seminal moment of the kiwi year - the weekend before Christmas, with all that to look forward to, but also it's summer holiday time. In other words - let's hit the buckets and spades!!!

From the desk of the NL National Library Source - aka Maria Nagelkerke

2007 Digital Economy Fact Book
The Ninth Edition of The Digital Economy Fact Book provides a factual basis from which analysis of the digital economy can begin. In seven key sections, it presents the best available information on:

● The Growth of the Internet
● The Hardware Sector
● The Communications Sector
● Digital Media
● Electronic Commerce
● Threats to the Digital Economy
● The Worldwide Digital

The Fact Book is considered by many to be vital source for objective statistics and information on the digital economy. This year’s edition contains an expanded chapter on the worldwide digital economy. The section focuses on both global statistics and information from three important regions: Europe, China and India. The book also includes sections on hardware, communications, electronic commerce and digital media. The data and statistics included in the book are the most up to date available in the years 2006 to 2007.
(188p) .."
SOURCE: ResourceShelf, 18 December 2007

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