Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Postcard from Australia

I am in Australia this week, so the big blog post will have to wait. I'm here at the invitation of the National and State Libraries, of Australasia. These include all the main Australian states and the NZ National Library. They are a really interesting bunch, and their web site is here.

I'm on a speaking tour on 'the role of the public library in the 21st century'. I know. Very posh title! Joking aside, it has been a brilliant opportunity to do some thinking and to share that with some really interesting people. and yes, I will blog about it when I get back. Or whenever I catch my breath.

I was in Perth on Monday, which apparently I pronounce funny? Tuesday night and Wednesday, Adelaide. Brilliant place. Now I've just arrived in Brisbane. I fly to Sydney Thursday night, am speaking at the State Library, New South Wales, Friday, and then I get to have a weekend. Really looking forward to swanning around Darlinghurst and up into Paddington looking for second hand books.

More on the thinking stuff later. Got to go. There is a large plate of totally illegal french fries on the hotel table, courtesy of room service. They look and smell great!
Had a lovely moment on the way to Perth with Air New Zealand. When I got on , one of the cabin staff says to me, oh hallo Mr Reynolds, we weren't sure which one we had, the new Telcom one, or the one with the really nice voice. Fame, and I don't even have to try!


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