Wednesday, 17 October 2007

The Kiwi Research Information Service

Have a look to the right, and scroll down. There is a new RSS feed. It's from The Kiwi Research Information Service. The makers are a little shy, describing their efforts as a 'soft launch' Well fair, enough. Sometimes you just want to slip into the party and have a seat in the corner and catch your breath.

NZ Research NZ
A gateway to the open-access research documents produced at universities, polytechnics, and other research institutions throughout New Zealand.

Open Access
Open access is a growing part of the online revolution. It is designed to solve a problem. How do you make the fruits of publicly funded research freely available?

Doesn't that happen already? Nope. On the contrary, all too often publicly funded research papers end up in fee paying online repositories, or worse, become locked inside commercial non- disclosure agreements, some of which hang around doing nothing for either party for years.

Nothing in the open access world is designed to change that - i.e. the paper will still end up in the erudite academic journal the author hungers to be in. However, if he or she so chooses, they can also deposit a copy of their research in the open access repository of their choice.

Hitherto there hasn't been a gateway to surface the combined efforts of some of our key institutions here in New Zealand. Now there is - and the RSS feed on the right is the first fruits of this endeavour. In short - job done! Well done all! Now it's over to the researchers to make those vital deposits.
The participating institutions are:
Auckland University of Technology (258 Records)
Lincoln University (118 Records)
Massey University (165 Records)
The University of Auckland (1757 Records)
University of Canterbury (463 Records)
University of Otago (679 Records)
University of Waikato (183 Records)
Victoria University of Wellington (135 Records) Polytechnics
Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology (2 Records)
Manukau Institute of Technology (12 Records)
NorthTec (2 Records)
Unitec New Zealand (31 Records)
Universal College of Learning (8 Records)
Whitireia Community Polytechnic (43 Records)

Open Access Repositories.
If this topic interests - have a look at these sources:
Registry of Open Access Repositories
AuseAccess is a wiki devoted to open access repositories in the Australasian region.
Open Access - Wikipedia - great bibliography
More links courtesy of comments:
Auckland University - page on open access resources - nice one - thanks
See also the National Library Tech Blog post: they are keen to make sure people see it as a beta for the moment. It's an interesting distinction - technically it seems to work fine? So perhaps the hesitation is all around stakeholder buy in? New Zealand researchers could solve that in a flash by piling in and using it? Or am I missing something here?


Andy Neale said...

Hi All, as noted in our post, it's gone out in beta, so if you have any comments or feedback please drop us a comment. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

This is a great resource! Well done to the National Library and everyone involved in this project.

There's a super directory of international Open Access Information, OAIster. It has a fair bit of NZ content.

There are a whole lot of other links to Open Access sources on this webpage from The University of Auckland Library. Will add a link to Kiwi Research right away!

Anonymous said...

I too think this is a fantastic step forward. There's a gaping hole though in terms of no publications from any of the Crown Research Institutes in the system...

More work to be done on that front I'd say.

Anonymous said...

Veru helfull resource! Thanks for the info!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm really impressed with Open Access. I'm so glad someone decided to get something like that going – it's so, so needed! I'm tired of information of that kind of quality being hidden from everyone and only to be acquired through paying (often) pretty hefty amounts. I know that people need to be re-imbursed for their research, but I'm sure they see very little of that income (and we can probably come up with better models anyway.)

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