Thursday, 13 September 2007


ARTSPACE, the Auckland contemporary art gallery has a new web site. McGovern Online helped plan it, design it, and provide the gallery and content management tools.The content, is of course all theirs!

It's just great to see the effort they have put it into this content. The Exhibition section goes back 10 years! Go have a look - its just such a brilliant example of how a contemporary art gallery can, over time, build themselves into an institution of contemporary art practice. Here is the link to 1997 -then take it on from there.

You might also like to check out the editions - there is some really interesting work in there. Some of them might even end upon your wall.

Artspace also have a unique back catalogue of their publications. These too are extensively documented on the site.

Public Space
During exhibitions Artspace run a regular Saturday Talk series at 3pm. These events are free.You get to hear invited speakers responding to the work. These include artists, curators, critics, collectors, educators and art commentators.

Reading Room
They also have a Reading Room where visitors can come and browse a huge resource of local and international contemporary art publications. This is a one of a kind resource in Auckland that is free to view by anyone.

This was a great project for McGovern to contribute to; I would especially like to thank Ida Moberg from Artspace for being such a great partner on the client side - and of course,to Brian Butler, the Director, who green lighted the project and kept us all in mutual good humour throughout.

The current exhibition is the Californian artist Meg Cranston, The Pleasure of Obvious Problems, 4 August - 15 September more